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Kids are fascinated by money. But most aren't taught the power of saving and investing in school or at home. In fact, a recent survey showed our graduating high school seniors fail a financial literacy quiz! Since 1999, this site has been dedicated to raising money smart kids and their families. It's simple: Today's pennies are tomorrow's dollars. 

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Join Penny and Bill
on a learning adventure. Download and print cool money games, even send in your money stories. Get ready for a world of financial fun!

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Money $ense for Kids!
is a fun guide for kids and their families to introduce the basics of saving and investing as a way of life.

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Hollis Page Harman
is an Emmy award winning financial literacy expert.

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With Money $ense for Kids!, she combined her love of children and passion for finance to create a reference guide for families wanting to teach their kids money skills. Then, to foster communication and engage both girls and boys, she linked the website to the book and added the hosts, Penny and Bill. 

Her speaking engagements include kids, families and businesses. She prescribes a plan for financial health and wealth.



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